"Stay-Put" - Colorful Stripes 6'

"Stay-Put" - Colorful Stripes 6'

$33.0033.00 SKU T-Colorful Stripes.6'
T-Colorful Stripes.6' "Stay-Put" - Colorful Stripes 6' Material Momma

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Introducing the “Stay-Put” Picnic Tablecloth! Fitted with elasticized corners, these tablecloths come in (3) basic sizes, fitting three common brands/types: -- Small: fits the Lifetime 4’ folding table -- Medium: made to fit the Costco 6’ folding table -- Large: 8’ - fits most Pavilion Picnic tables -- Custom sizes also available for order


Pre-Washed, Wrinkle Resistant Poly-blend fabric is easily washable, and wrinkle resistant. Quality fabric, bright colors and is a great fit!