BRO Ties

Introducing the BRO Tie!

MVHS Bruin Classy's Bow Ties
MVHS Bruin Classy's Bow TiesSKU SPEC-MVHS Bruin Classy's$8.00 $6.006.00
SPEC-MVHS Bruin Classy's MVHS Bruin Classy's Bow Ties Material Momma

Currently only available at in person events, like the Orem Farmers Market. CUSTOM Order requests?  email:  hotmomma.creates@gmail.com


These come in 3 sizes:

- Little Bro Ties (generally ages 2-6)

- Bigger Bro Ties (7 on up)

- BIG Bro Ties are for that especially thick-necked man in your life! (The BIG Bro Ties will come with a soft stretchy untied strap, so you can pick your size, double knot it and cut off the ends.)