Premium Oilcloth "Stay-Put" PICNIC Tablecloth

Premium Oilcloth "Stay-Put" PICNIC Tablecloth

88 Premium Oilcloth "Stay-Put" PICNIC Tablecloth Material Momma

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This premium, heirloom quality Oilcloth "Stay-Put" Tablecloth style has strong elastic at each corner, holding it and any desired tablecloth underneath firmly in place, no matter how hard the wind is blowing! Easy to wipe clean and simply roll up and tuck into the thick elastic bands for easy storage. This oilcloth style is the product I’m most proud of developing! And “heirloom quality” because it is also one that should last for decades to come - even for my crazy, “love-to-camp” crew!


Oilcloth is quite expensive; and depending on my ability to get it at a reasonable price, the base price will fluctuate accordingly. The price increases with each larger size is also due to yardage supply costs and longer creation time. Need a different size/style? Contact me: for CUSTOM ORDER Requests