NEW! Clear Vinyl - Tablecloth Cover

NEW! Clear Vinyl - Tablecloth Cover

66 NEW! Clear Vinyl - Tablecloth Cover Material Momma

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This Clear Vinyl, "Stay-Put" Tablecloth style has strong, wide elastic at each corner, holding it and any desired tablecloth underneath firmly in place, no matter how hard the wind is blowing! Easy to wipe clean and simply roll up and tuck into the thick elastic bands for easy storage.

These come in the following sizes:

CARD TABLES: 34" X 34", 36” X 36” or 38” X 38”

4' Folding Table: 48" X 24"

5' Folding Table: 60" X 25.5"

6' Folding Table: 72" X 30" (Also fits a lot of Park/Camping Pavilion picnic tables, measuring 72” X 28-30”)

8' Folding Table: 96" X 30" (This size also fits most Park/Camping Pavilion picnic tables, which usually measure about 96” X 28-30”)

This would make a great gift for yourself or any other outdoor/picnic/gathering enthusiast! Each vinyl tablecloth has a size label sewn in, so buying multiples in different sizes doesn’t create confusion.

Need a different size? email for Custom Order requests: